It’s easy to think of all sorts of good things about buying a new car. First, you will have more options to choose from. After all, not every model in every color will be available in the pre-owned section. You will have the pleasure of putting the very first miles on your new car, meaning it is likely to last longer than a used car. Also, a new car will have the latest and greatest when it comes to technological advances and safety systems. Oh, and of course – it’s a NEW car.

These are all good reasons to buy a new car. However, the next time you’re in the market for a vehicle, you might consider the many benefits of purchasing one of the high-quality used cars for sale at Hawk Auto.


Purchasing a used car instead of buying new will save you money. Although this may seem obvious, you may not realize all the different ways a used car will help save your hard-earned dollars. To start with, the cost of a used car is, on average, 50% less than that of a new car.

Additionally, you may not realize that the value of a new car can drop as much as 11% as soon as it leaves the dealership lot. For instance, a car that costs $20,000 is worth about $17,800 by the time you get it home and pull it into your garage. Depreciation continues as the weeks, months, and years pass. When you buy a used car, much of that depreciation has already occurred.

You will also save on the fees associated with purchasing a new car. Destination fees, dealer preparation, and shipping charges are some of the “new car” fees you will avoid when you opt for a used car. Additionally, the sales tax will be less costly on your less expensive pre-owned vehicle.

Pre-Owned – Certified and Inspected

Used car buyers have the option of purchasing certified pre-owned cars that have been inspected, refurbished, and certified by the dealer or manufacturer. This is the perfect way to make sure you are getting a thoroughly inspected, high-quality vehicle that is still a bargain. Additionally, certified pre-owned vehicles often receive special financing, extended warranties, and other dealer-specific benefits.


Many used cars are still covered by a portion of the original manufacturer’s warranty. Others may have the option of creating a new, extended manufacturer’s warranty. This can provide you with speedy service and factory trained technicians to repair your car using high-quality parts. Plus, you may be able to afford a warranty that covers everything as you put 100,000 miles or more on that used car by utilizing a portion of the money you saved from NOT buying a new car.


If you purchase a new car and it is totaled beyond repair in an accident, typical auto insurance will pay for what the car is worth. There will be a gap between the purchase price and its depreciated value at the time of the accident. Gap insurance covers that difference, and if your car is being financed, you will be required to carry gap insurance – which raises your premium. With a used car, depreciation has already occurred – therefore, gap insurance isn’t necessary.

Better for the Environment

We all know that vehicles produce carbon dioxide which detrimentally impacts our environment. But did you know that nearly a quarter of the carbon dioxide produced by a vehicle during its lifetime occurs during the manufacturing and initial shipping processes? By choosing a used car over a new car, you will be reducing the amount of carbon dioxide input into the environment.

Additionally, newer, hybrid vehicles use lead-acid, lithium-ion, or nickel-metal hydride batteries. These vehicles have a much larger impact on the environment than traditional used cars for sale, due to the toxic waste produced by both the batteries and acid.

More Car for Your Money

When you shop for a used car at Hawk Auto, you may find it’s a lot more enjoyable than struggling to budget for a new one. Thanks to that annoying element of economics – depreciation – you might be pleasantly surprised at the amount of car you can afford while staying within your price range.

Your hard-earned dollars are likely to get you a lot more of what you want in the used or certified pre-owned car market than if you were to buy a new vehicle. You may have to stick with an entry-level car or a base trim model on the new market; but when you shop our used cars for sale, that same budget might allow you to purchase a model offering the luxury amenities or tech features you really want.

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