Tips for Expanding Your Car’s Lifespan

For the average American, and even for many exceptionally wealthy people, a car is often one of the most expensive purchases they’ll make in their lifetime. So it only makes sense, whether you’ve purchased from a used Jeep dealership in Indiana or anywhere else, that you’d be interested in expanding the lifespan of your car. After all, extending the lifespan of your car by just one year can save you thousands of dollars and give you the extra time you need to save up for the next car you buy at a used Jeep dealership in Indiana.

To help you make sure you’re getting the most miles out of your car as possible, here are a few tips for expanding your car’s lifespan.

Get Familiar With Your Owner’s Manual

It’s true, your vehicles owner’s manual isn’t exactly a compelling read, but it is a read that can add years to the lifetime of your vehicle, even if it’s from a used Jeep dealership in Indiana. Your vehicle’s owners manual will have information about maintenance schedules, which you should follow closely. This is especially useful information if you don’t do your maintenance at a dealership because you can use the manual to double check that everything that is supposed to be done based on the vehicle’s mileage is done.

Also, the owner’s manual can tell you what pressure your tires should be inflated to in order to ensure peak performance and minimize unneeded wear and tear on the car as well as the tires themselves. Of course, it’ll pay to read or skim through the other sections of the manual, or just check the table of contents to learn anything else you should know about taking care of the vehicle.

Drive With Care

Your vehicle from a used Jeep dealership in Indiana was specially manufactured to withstand the beating that occurs when you drive it. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to minimize the beating that your car takes. Of course, you may have to brake hard or accelerate quickly sometimes, but if you take care to accelerate and brake smoothly and avoid sudden turns when possible, you can greatly extend the life of your car.

You can also extend the life of your car by not driving it on rough roads or non-roads that it’s not supposed to be on. Sometimes this may be unavoidable, but if you know a certain route has particularly bad roads, you should consider taking an alternate route even if it means adding a couple of extra minutes to your trip.

Minimize Wear and Tear by Not Driving

It sounds painfully obvious that minimizing the time you drive your car from a used Jeep dealership in Indiana can extend the life of the vehicle, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. We often take our cars for granted and use them even for short trips we don’t necessarily need them for. Or, we take separate cars than our friends and family when it could be just as easy to carpool.

However, simply being more mindful about minimizing the time you spend behind the wheel of your vehicle can lead to more thoughtful planning and more efficient use of your vehicle. In some cases, if you’re planning on taking a very long road trip, it may even make sense to rent a car for the voyage rather than putting the miles on your own car.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

One of the simplest things you can do to expand your car’s lifespan is to keep it clean. Often times, people purchase a new car from a used Jeep dealership in Indiana and they start off very enthusiastic and diligent about keeping their car clean.

But, inevitably, as the novelty of the car starts to wear off, people tend to allow dirt and sludge to accumulate on their car. Beyond the negative appearance of dirt and sludge, a lack of regular vehicle hygiene can actually shorten the lifespan of the vehicle. As time goes on and a car is not regularly cleaned, the doors of the car will start to rust. That rust will then start to spread to even more important components of the car’s underbody. This can happen on any car but it’s especially common for cars near the coast where the air is saltier.

Use the Emergency Brake When Parked

Another simple tip is to use your vehicle’s emergency brake each time you park. Doing so puts less stress on your car’s brakes and allows them to last longer. Just be careful because when the weather starts to turn cold, as it’s known to do here in Indiana, your emergency brake may have a tendency to freeze. If that’s the case, only use your emergency brake during the warmer months.