The Volkswagen Arteon vs. the Cadillac CTS

At Hawk Auto, we’re known as one of the leading used car dealers in Illinois, and we always have on hand a great selection of vehicles for you to choose from. You can never go wrong with a Caddie, but recently Volkswagen has come out with a top-line challenger of their own, the Arteon, and we’d like to give you a comparison between the two.

Volkswagen Arteon

The folks at Volkswagen refer to their new Arteon as “modern art you can feel, part automobile and part sculpture,” and there’s a lot of truth to that claim. Certainly the Arteon is a beautiful machine to behold, with its classic fastback design, highlighted by a sloping roof that merges seamlessly with the back, conveying both style and performance.

The Arteon’s standard LED headlights and Daytime Running Lights not only provide ample, long-lasting lighting but also accentuate its sleek style.

But the Arteon has a lot more than outward beauty. Step inside the cabin and there’s a lot to stare at and appreciate. Among other interior features the Arteon comes with a heated steering wheel and heated seats with three temperature settings. If you add the available ventilated, massaging driver’s seat, you may never want to get out of your Arteon. And the Arteon features a 3-zone climate control system that will keep everyone comfortable, whatever their temperature preferences.

There’s also plenty of advanced technology to go along with the comfort. With the Arteon, it’s easy to take your apps for a ride. Just plug in your smartphone to start App-Connect® and your apps appear on the Arteon’s touchscreen display.

During the daily commute about Chicagoland or on the open road, the standard 2.0L TSI® engine with its 8-speed automatic transmission kicks out 268 HP with estimated mileage of 22 city/31 hwy.

For a combination of sleek, stylish beauty and modern technology, along with VW’s well-established reliability at a modest price by today’s standards, the Volkswagen Arteon is a hard vehicle to beat.

Cadillac CTS


However, there’s always that classic of the American road, the Cadillac and one of its latest models, the Cadillac CTS.

Cadillac says when you’re behind the wheel of a CTS every drive is extraordinary, and with its powerful engines, sharp handling and luxurious interiors it’s hard to argue with that claim.

The Cadillac CTS is available over four trim levels, Standard, Luxury, Premium Luxury and V-Sport Premium Luxury. For the Standard, power comes from 2.0L Turbo generating 268 HP. Available on the Luxury and Premium Luxury is a 3.5L V6 with 335 HP, and the V-Sport features 3.6L V6 Twin Turbo that will give you an impressive 420 HP.

The cabin of the CTS has tailored authentic materials including real wood trim and available Semi-Aniline leather. To keep you in touch and informed no matter your location, the CTS provides connectivity with an abundance of apps, maps, weather, music and much more.

Finally, one of the unique features of the CTS is its 50/50 weight distribution. Its advanced alloys and precision engineering strike a near-perfect 50/50 front-to-rear weight distribution for remarkable handling and control, no matter if your adventures keep you around Chicagoland or beyond.

For a taste of luxury that won’t destroy your budget, come by and test drive a Volkswagen Arteon or Cadillac CTS. Whatever your choice, you’ll enjoy the road ahead for years to come.

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