The Jeep Wrangler vs. the Jeep Gladiator

If you’re looking for a stylish vehicle that can handle as much as you can throw at it, you can’t go wrong with either the classic Jeep Wrangler or the new Jeep Gladiator. Of course, if you’re looking for a used Jeep dealership in Bridgeview, you’ll likely find more Wranglers available because the Jeep Gladiator just recently went into production.

Regardless of that, though, here’s an overview of each of these rugged vehicles.

Jeep Wrangler

The Wrangler has been in production since the 1980s and it has been one of the best-selling vehicles in its class since then.



If you’ve seen any year model of the Wrangler, you can expect something similar from the others. Of course, that’s not to say the Wrangler has a tired look—it’s a classic after all and as they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The Wrangler’s flared fenders along with the tapered nose design and removable doors are available on just about any Wrangler you find at a used Jeep dealership in Bridgeview.


The interior of the Wrangler, particularly in the newer models, is a beautiful blend of modern and vintage Jeep aesthetic. It’s not the most luxurious interior, but that’s not what the Wrangler is about anyway. The grab handles will give you something to hold on to when you take the Wrangler on an adventure. Depending on whether you choose the four-door or two-door model, expect to have a significant variation in cargo space.


The newer models of Jeep Wrangler deliver up to 22 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway. Fuel economy varies a bit depending on which engine you go for but efficiency should be in the low 20s regardless of which year model you choose. Horsepower will fall in the mid to high-200s, again depending on the model you choose.

Jeep Gladiator

As mentioned, the Jeep Gladiator is a brand new car that’s just recently gone into production for Jeep.




If you’re familiar with other Jeep models, you’ll notice that the best way to describe the exterior of the Gladiator is that it combines classic Jeep elements with pickup-truck utility. Its exterior is based on the Wrangler but it adds a four-door cab and a large cargo box. The Gladiator is rugged and stylish, plus its got removable panels that make it as versatile as a classic Wrangler.


The Gladiator is almost three feet longer than the Wrangler which helps it provide plenty of interior space for passengers. In addition to its generous cargo bed, there’s also plenty of storage options in the main cab. Little touches like spots for smartphones and a hidden compartment under the back seat ensure that there’s a convenient, safe spot for all your stuff.


The 2020 Gladiator delivers 260 lb-ft of torque and 285 horsepower along with towing capacity of 7650 pounds. As you might expect from a truck of the Gladiator’s stature, its fuel economy is around 19 mpg combined city and highway.

Come down to a used Jeep dealership in Bridgeview and check out the Gladiator and Wrangler for yourself!

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