The Chevy Sonic vs. the Volkswagen Golf

When you’re browsing used cars in Illinois, you may want to check out some hatchbacks. Especially if you drive in downtown Chicago frequently, a hatchback is a great option because it allows for extra storage and cargo space while maintaining maneuverability on cramped city streets.

Two hatchbacks you can choose from are the Chevy Sonic and the Volkswagen Golf. Either one is a can’t miss. We’ll review them both here.

Chevy Sonic

This hatchback is a solid, American-made subcompact hatchback with plenty of space and drivability for adventures in the city and out in the country.



The Chevy Sonic’s newest model is available with LED lights, 16 or 17-inch aluminum wheels, and of course, a hatchback body style. The newer Sonics are also available in a sedan body style. Also, the headlights and front bumper style on the new models are traditional-looking, which is a bit of a departure from previous Sonic models.


The small body size of the Sonic might make you think you’re not going to have enough room when you get inside—but nothing could be farther from the truth. The backseat is roomy enough to make 5 people comfortable. Plus, there’s plenty of cargo room.


The Chevy Sonic, as you’d expect from a subcompact car, has pretty good gas mileage. You’ll reach up to 27 mpg in the city and up to 38 mpg on the highway. Its turbocharged engine puts off 138 horsepower which will give you all the speed and acceleration you need.

Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen’s Golf is the perfect option for you if you can’t decide between sporty and practical—it lands somewhere square in the middle.




If you’ve ever seen Volkswagen’s sporty GTI, you’ll see similarities between the GTI’s exterior and the Golf’s. If not, take our word for it: the Volkswagen Golf is subtly sporty with a unique body style. You could imagine it whipping around hairpin turns one day, and transporting a few kids to soccer practice the next day. Whichever year of the Golf you choose to purchase as a used car for sale, you’ll be excited to show it off every day.


The VW Golf has an interior that will remind you of many other Volkswagen models, but it’s anything but ordinary. The front seats are exceedingly comfortable and despite the car’s small size, it has plenty of storage with useful cubbies. You can expect the standard infotainment features such as USB connectivity, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay. Also worth noting is the tall cargo space that’s very accommodating of taller items.


As you might expect from a smaller car, the Golf has plenty of zip. It reaches 60 mph from zero in just 7.6 seconds. Plus it’s efficient—you’ll enjoy fuel economy of around 37 mpg on the highway and 29 mpg in the city.

As far as used cars for sale go, you can’t go wrong with the Golf or the Sonic. So come down to Hawk Auto to see both cars in person.

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