Dodge Challenger vs. Chevy Corvette

Looking for a used car dealership in Chcicago? If you are, your destination should be Hawk Auto where we maintain a great inventory of many makes and models, both new and used. And if you happen to be looking for a vehicle that will give you all the power and speed you could ever need, you might want to consider a couple of the classics of the American road, the Dodge Challenger or the Chevy Corvette.

Dodge Challenger

Just in case you’re not familiar with it, the Dodge Challenger is a two-door coupe with seating for five that can trace its lineage on Chicago streets all the way back to 1959. Coming standard with the Challenger is a 305 HP, 3.6L V6 engine that works with an 8-speed automatic transmission. A 6-speed manual transmission is available on some Challenger trim levels, and both rear- and all-wheel-drive versions are offered. Challenger also gives you a choice of four V8 engines.

If speed is the name of your game, you’ll want to check out the Challenger Hellcat models, especially the Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye. This Challenger beauty comes with a supercharged HEMI® V8 that cranks out a massive 797 HP that will take you from zero to 60 in 3.4 seconds and burn through a quarter mile in 10.8 seconds.

Speed, however, is not all you get with the Challenger. In addition to all that horsepower, the Charger comes with a lot of modern technology and safety features like standard Apple CarPlay and Android auto smartphone connectivity and available forward collision warning.

Chevy Corvette


On the other hand, there’s the beautiful, muscle-bound Chevy Corvette that also dates its lineage to the 1950s, but don’t think this is your grandpa’s car! With its choice of three V8 engines, the Corvette is super quick, handles beautifully and sells for a fraction of those fancy European imports.

If you like the feeling of running through the gears when you accelerate from a dead stop, the good news is that a 7-speed manual transmission is standard on the Corvette, while an automatic 8-speed, paddle-shift is available. Either one will get you from zero to 60 in under 4 seconds.

In the cabin, the Corvette comes with an easy-to-use touchscreen, along with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and a 4G LTE mobile hotspot.

The Corvette is available in either coupe or convertible body styles, and something to consider is that while Chevy makes some changes in the Corvette from one model year to the next, the latest versions of the Corvette belong to a generation that began in 2014. That means that because of the small number of changes over the years, you can potentially save thousands buying a used Corvette from Hawk Auto that’s not very different from the latest models.

For a great combination of power, speed and muscular beauty, supported by the latest automotive technology, you can’t go wrong with either the Dodge Challenger or the Chevy Corvette. So come by Hawk Auto and test drive one of these beauties today.

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