The Best Subcompact Cars for Chicagoland

The subcompact car category is the category of the smallest cars and sits below the compact SUV category. The diminutive size of these cars allows them to get the best fuel efficiency outside of hybrid and electric models. They make ideal vehicles for lots of commuting without frequent passengers. These subcompact cars are separated from the Luxury Subcompact Car category with the attribute of having a starting MSRP under $30,000.

Find out which subcompact car is right for your needs in and around Chicago, Illinois.

Then, head in to a Hawk Auto Group dealership for a test drive of one of our new or used subcompact cars. Our experienced staff will be able to help you find the right car and we will have a great deal for you on whatever you pick out.

Chevy Spark

Subcompact SUV Chevy Spark in Chicago

Mitsubishi Mirage

Subcompact SUV Mitsubishi Mirage in Chicago

Nissan Versa

Subcompact SUV Nissan Versa in Chicago

Hyundai Accent

Subcompact SUV Hyundai Accent in Chicago

Toyota Yaris

Subcompact SUV Toyota Yaris in Chicago

Kia Rio

Subcompact SUV Kia Rio in Chicago

Honda Fit

Subcompact SUV Honda Fit in Chicago

Chevy Sonic

Subcompact SUV Chevy Sonic in Chicago

MINI Cooper Hardtop

Subcompact SUV MINI Cooper Hardtop in Chicago

MINI Cooper Clubman

Subcompact SUV MINI Cooper Clubman in Chicago

The knowledgeable staff at the Hawk Auto Group can help you figure out which subcompact car might be best for your situation and get you behind the wheel of a huge selection of new and used subcompact cars for a test drive of your favorites. Come in or call one of the dealerships or send a message to a dealership.